Top 10 Secrets You Should Know To Win At Common Games 4 weeks ago

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From Monopoly to darts and pool/snooker, here are some very helpful tips and tricks you should know before challenging anybody at these common board games and family friendly games.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Help You Win Common Games! Darts - We're gonna get a little geeky by using breakthrough loopholes in the dartboards design discovered by a Nottingham university professor in 2016 – bring out your rulers. Scrabble - The key to winning at Scrabble is to think small. An Argument - The games we play. While conflict can be off-putting, it's a part of life, so learning to treat a dispute more like a game with rules can be useful. Jenga - Jenga works by removing blocks that make up a tower, one at a time, and then placing each at the top without the tower falling. Dodgeball - Dodgeball is a game of numbers – things are being thrown at you and you want to reduce the odds of them taking you out.

Monopoly - Monopoly follows the Pareto principle , which says that in any complex game one person eventually accumulates most of everything, leading to around 20% of people having a lot more than the other 80. Arm wrestling - In professional arm wrestling competitions , each opponent grips thumb to thumb and keeps their forearms positioned parallel to each other. Laser Tag - The key to annihilating everyone is to prepare for war ahead of time. Rock paper scissors - Not only gangs throw signs. People think that rock, paper scissors is a random game, but you can put the odds heavily in your favor if you use a bit of science. Pool - There are two major errors rookie pool players make – here's how to eliminate them and massively improve your pool playing skills- The first rule is to be aware of your emotions.


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