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Sorry, but somebody had to say it.

This video focuses on mood depression, not clinical depression. Furthermore, this is not a purported “cure” for depression. This is a call to live in reality, you own depression, depression does not own you. The Sapir Whorf Hypothesis, and General Semantics have illustrated how our words can become our prisons. The labels “Disorder” “Disease” “Depressed,” when internalized, can create a reality filled with suffering that extends beyond the biochemical. Don't get me wrong, "Chemical Imbalances" are real, but that can be a gross oversimplification of what's going on. There's a great article called "Moving Beyond ‘Chemical Imbalance’ Theory of Depression" from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation ( that I encourage everyone to read.

If you know anyone suffering that may need help immediately, call the 24-hour, toll-free confidential National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273- 8255 or go to .

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