Every Superhero Confirmed For Avengers 4 7 months ago

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Thanos' quest to retrieve the six stones of the Infinity Gauntlet ends with fatal consequences for many of Earth's mightiest heroes, with characters being thrown off cliffs, strangled, exploded, and ultimately turned into ash. But as dire as the ending seems, it's unlikely that all those dearly departed heroes will stay that way for long, especially considering many of the supposedly deceased have already been confirmed to appear in Avengers 4. Whether it's via flashback, time travel, or convenient resurrection, it's clear that many of our favorite fallen heroes will be returning from the grave. While the question of how remains mysterious, here's a rundown of all the superheroes confirmed to return for Avengers 4...

Ant-Man | 1:00
Black Panther | 1:32
Black Widow | 1:56
Captain America | 2:31
Captain Marvel | 3:03
Falcon | 3:36
Gamora | 4:01
Hawkeye | 4:38
Hulk | 5:22
Iron Man | 5:52
Mantis | 6:16
Nebula | 6:50
Scarlet Witch | 7:21
Spider-Man | 7:48
Thor | 8:21
Vision | 8:41
War Machine | 9:20
Wasp | 9:44
Winter Soldier | 10:20

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