This Girl’s Mom Never Told The Dad She Was Pregnant But 45 Years On She Got A Stunning Email 7 months ago

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After many years of searching, Vikki Michèle was no closer to finding her biological father. So when she left yet another message on yet another answering machine, she never thought anything of it. But the very next day she received an email that would change her life forever.

Michèle was born in Canberra, Australia, in the early 1970s. She was raised there, living with her mom and dad. However, deep down, she always felt that there was something missing from her world.

Nevertheless, life continued as normal for Michèle, and by the time she reached her forties, she was a mom of seven. Moreover, she had moved to the other side of the globe and lived in British Columbia, Canada.

However, when Michèle’s father passed away, her life changed. Because that’s when she discovered that the man she had grown up with wasn’t actually her biological dad. Plus, her biological father had no idea that she was even alive.

For Michèle, this revelation proved that there was a part of her that had always been missing. So she decided to try to track down her bio-dad. The process of finding her father was going to be a difficult one, however.

All she knew about him was his name – Ian Cullen – and what he looked like in a picture taken around the time that she was born. With no idea of Cullen’s whereabouts for the last 40 years, then, the chances of a reunion looked slim.

But Michèle refused to give up before she’d even started. So she took to social media with a campaign to find her father. “Ian immigrated to Australia in the mid to late ’60s from India, apparently from Bombay,” she wrote in 2015. “He may or may not still be in Australia. All contact was lost in April ’69.”

Michèle’s social media campaign was only the beginning of her search, though. On top of this, she embarked on a painstaking hunt through electoral rolls and wrote 75 letters to church parishes across India and Australia. She even phoned up some 140 people with the surname Cullen in Australia in the hope that one might know her father.

However, Michèle’s search proved to be fruitless, and soon there was just one more number left to call. And frustratingly, every time she called, she went straight to voicemail. Eventually, she left a message simply explaining that she was looking for a friend of her mom’s.

And with that, Michèle put her hunt to the back of her mind. After all, it was the day before Thanksgiving, and she would be sitting down with her family to enjoy the festivities the following morning. So for one day at least, the search for her dad would have to wait.

However, on the morning of Thanksgiving, something told Michèle to check her email. And it was then that her search finally came to an end. Somehow, despite all the obstacles, she had managed to track down her dad.


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