The Messed Up TRUE Story of Pocahontas 9 months ago

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The messed up origins of Disney's Pocahontas.
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Love, romance, and independence. That’s what most people see when they watch the film that is supposed to showcase how Pocahontas’ life was. But Disney’s version of “Pocahontas” is quite different from what actually went down. Here is the Messed Up REAL Story of Pocahontas.

Apparently, John Smith wasn’t actually as great as everyone thinks. In the film, he seemed nice and cute, but in reality, he was actually going around pointing weapons at tribes and forcing them to hand over their food and supplies. Because that’s the perfect way to win over a woman’s heart, right?

Whether it’s Pocahontas’ actual age, how she ended up in England or her kidnapping, there are a lot of things that Disney left out of the story. Trust us, the real story is a lot juicier than Disney’s version. Stay tuned to The Messed Up Real Story of Pocahontas to find out why her love story wasn’t so lovely.

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