The Full Parade Of Dicks | Full Frontal on TBS 2 months ago

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Pink Floyd Enthusiast
Aging Improv Lurker
Wad of Plaid
Talking Hipster Beard
Beanie Stand
Wannabe Tosh
Pile of New Balances
Nebbish Jizz Stain
Self Declared Genius
Pantheon to Delayed Adolescence
The Lone Truth-Teller
Whiskey Soaked Jew Fro
Cloud of Vape Smoke
Mediocre Man-child
Fatter, Older Will Ferrell
Craft-Less Hack
“Tim and Eric is Really Important to Me” Motherf**ker
Trust Fund Foxworthy
Guy Who Told Chris Rock He's the
Reason He Got Into Comedy
The Lone Man that Can Separate the Art from the Person
Guy Owen Benjamin RT’d once
The UCB Graduate
Flannel Farley
Guy Who Pulled a Lot of Favors to Get Twitter-Verified
Auteur of Molestation
Unshaved Resentment Deposit
The Empty Chain Wallet
Guy Rebranding Himself as an Ex-male Feminist
Fart Joke in a Flannel
Definitely a White Guy
A ‘Well, Actually’ Statue
The Devil's Favorite Advocate
Unweirdest Guy to Ever Say ‘Maybe I'm Just Weird.’
The Self-Declared Feminist Ally Who Has
Definitely Assaulted Women
Year-Round Knit Cap Wearer
Someone Who was Called A Nerd Once in 4th Grade and Never Forgot It
Perpetual Quoter of “Entourage”
Vine's Biggest Content Contributor
Human Converse Sneaker
Human Spinal Tap Quote
Guy Who Watched an Amy Schumer Special
and Declared Himself Woke
Barfly With A Decent Excuse
If a Wes Anderson Movie Were a Person
The Future of Late Night
Guy Who Questions Whether or Not
You've Really Seen “Star Wars”
The One Guy Who Loves PBR “For The Taste”
Mommy's Little Mansplainer
Guitar Comic Who Swears He's Not Just A Guitar Comic
Guy With an “SNL Used to be Good” Tattoo
Guy Who Prefers the Book to the Movie
Guy Whose Tinder Bio Says “Comedy Writer”
who has Never Written Anything
Yes Anderson
David Brenner of Bushwick
Edward PBR Hands
Hygiene-Optional Basement Show Booker
Mr. @Midnight RT'd Me Once
Drummer for Radiohead Cover Band
Themeless, Guestless Podcast Host
Aspiring Podcast Listener
Human Two Drink Minimum
Photocopy of a Photocopy of Seth Rogen
Holier Than House Team
Purveyor of Poop Jokes
Breathing Bringer Show
Guy Who Never Got Over His Parents' Amicable Divorce
Human Family Guy Spec Script
Funniest Guy Who's Taken Improv 201 Six Times in a Row
Guy Who Thinks Being "Raised on the Simpsons"
Gives Him a Unique POV
Sentient Action Figure Collection
Rage Nerd Who Hosts a Bi-Monthly at a Mall Bar
Flannel Shrine to Mediocrity
Career Long Island Feature Act
Living Breathing "What Else What Else"
Ironic Racist
Conservative Gay Guy Who Yells
Hoboken Roast Champion
PhD In Rape Jokes
Children's Strength Bill Hicks
Six Month Name-From-A-Hat-Mic Comedy Veteran
Grabby Demogorgon Who Books The Comedy Sack
Open Mic Host Who Hugs You And Then Rates The Hug Doctor “Every Character is a Gynecologist”
The Only Guy That Really “Gets” Mr. Show
Guy Who Believes George Carlin Just, Like, Got It
Simpsons Dictionary
Christopher Hitchens
Guy Who Fancies Himself Depression's Patient Zero Living Romanticization of Mental Illness
Self-Appointed Practice Team Captain
Woman who Hates Women
Guy Who Thinks It Isn't Harassment if She "Admires" You
Keith "We Should All Kiss Just To Get Comfortable” Whiteperson
Mr. "You're Not Like Other Girls"
Boyfriend Who Hates it When You Get More Laughs
Host Who has Never Pronounced a
Name More Exotic than “Dave” Correctly
Host Who Calls You "The Lovely"
One-Time Open Mic-er Who "Has Some Advice" For You
Mr. Silly Rape
Free Speech Martyr
"I Can't Believe You Don't Like 'Boogie Nights!'"
The Guy With Either A Tragic Ear Injury
or Thinks All Women Talk Very High Pitched
Star Wars McGee
Third Sklar Brother
Monty Python Sideshow Freak
Will Actually

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