Putin Tired of ‘Russian Hack Lies’ — Sends Message Directly to the American People 1 year ago

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Trump Breaking News Network - Putin Tired of ‘Russian Hack Lies’ — Sends Message Directly to the American People.

Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 US presidential election, we have seen some very interesting things happen.

From sheer panic to claims of Russian hacks to blaming ‘fake news,’ everything under the sun has been pulled out to blame someone or something for why she lost.

The two apparent reasons that have seemed to raise to the surface the most, and the mainstream seems to be running with, are the idea that Russia hacked the DNC and caused the problem and that the spread of fake news got people so disinterested in Hillary that they voted for Trump.

Off the top, it could be easy to see how Russia would perform a hack of the DNC if you believe the propaganda coming from mainstream US news, but upon closer look and by listening to more than one worldly news outlet like The Intercept, RT or Anti Media you will begin to hear a different story.

Once these claims began floating around, we reached out to various high level contacts that might be able to help us get to the bottom of what was really going on here.

How did Trump actually win? Who was providing WikiLeaks with all of the information? The elite is clearly panicking, but what are they going to do next?

From those sources, who we can’t name at the moment for obvious reasons but are connected to individuals inside the FBI and CIA, we’ve heard that the leaks came from the inside.

They came from people who were tired of having to play the elite and cabals game for so long and watching as it negatively began to affect their own country and life.

In essence, these people, like Snowden, had seen enough and were fed up with the constant lies, cover up and manipulation of people, so they decided to do something about it.

Strong Evidence?

There is also something to be said about how weak the evidence is that Putin/Russia had anything to do with a hack, and the fact that the entire focus is on a hack versus someone simply handing over documents they would have had access to i.e. inside people, is quite telling.

The way I see it, if the evidence was so strong, there wouldn’t be as much of an argument or debate.

It’s one thing to have some level of disagreement, but Russia’s involvement is so speculative and yet such a powerful US propaganda tool that you almost have to question the legitimacy of it.

Judging from the following statement put forth by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it seems they’ve grown tired of the US’ push to blame Russia.

This public statement addresses the issue quite clearly and is one the American people should note when questioning what is really going on in this Putin/hacker story.

This message has been directly copied off a section of Russia’s Foreign Policy on their government website. Of course, take this for whatever resonates with you, that is the key here! But alternate perspectives are important.

“Frankly speaking, we are tired of lies about Russian hackers that continue to be spread in the United States from the very top.




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