I stood up for myself-Trump voter whose tirade at a Michael's craft store was caught on video 11 months ago

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04/01/2016 News...

'I stood up for myself'- Trump voter whose tirade at a Michael's craft store was caught on video breaks her silence two months later to defend herself, refusing to apologize to the employees she berated.

'I stood up for myself': Trump voter whose tirade at a Michael's craft store was caught on video breaks her silence two months later to defend herself, refusing to apologize to the employees she berated while slamming claims she's a racist homophobe.

Jennifer Boyle is speaking out two months after she was caught on video berating employees at a Michael's store and Peet's Coffee in Chicago
Boyle says that the argument at Michael's was in response to a cashier refusing to ring her up because she wouldn't buy reusable bags 
She says she regrets not leaving the store, but felt her response was a natural 'fight or flight' instinct 
As for the incident at Peet's, she says a manager there called her a 'basic white b****' and  she was taken aback by being 'discriminated' upon twice 
Since the videos were released, Boyle says she has received death threats
She stopped short of issuing an apology to the Peet's and Michael's employees
'I'm just wanting to move forward from this with lessons learned,' she said.

The 29-year-old woman who was caught on video berating employees at a Chicago Michael's craft store is speaking two months after the public meltdown to defend her behavior. 

Jennifer Boyle was caught on camera screaming at two black workers at the store in November, claiming she was being discriminated on by the staff because she voted for Trump. 

In an interview with NBC Chicago, Boyle explained what led up to the screaming match and how it has impacted her life since then. 

While she says she regrets 'engaging' with the allegedly combative Michael's employees, she refused to make a public apology. 

Boyle says she went to Michael's that day to buy some Christmas decorations and that a cashier started fighting with her as soon as she put her items down on the counter to checkout. 

'Without greeting me or saying anything to me, the cashier started telling me "No, no, no, I don't have bags to fill to put your things in,"' Boyle recalls. 

Boyle says she was 'confused' because she saw brown paper bags behind the counter and that she explained to the cashier that she was not interested in buying reusable bags. 

Boyle says the woman walked out from behind the counter and went across the store to where the reusable bags were hanging 'and started screaming' at her that she wouldn't be able to check her out until she bought the bags.

'I had asked her to stop screaming at me and that I was not interested in buying the bags and that I just wanted to check out and be able to leave. And she walked back around the counter and said, "Oh, no I am not checking this woman out. Get someone else to do it,"' Boyle recalls. 

At this point, Boyle says she asked to speak to a manager to explain what had happened, but she didn't not get a sympathetic ear. 

'I said, "You know, I really don't appreciate this employee yelling at me. I shop here all the time, I'm fine with the brown paper bags. I just want to buy my things and leave." 

'And she tole me that even though I voted for Trump, I needed to understand that everyone was human. And because of these two things I needed to leave the store, I was no longer welcome there,' Boyle says, adding that she doesn't know how the manager knew who she voted for.

But instead of a civil conversation, she says the manager called her a 'basic white b****' and asked her to leave the store. 

'Oh I know who you are, you're the basic white b**** from yesterday and you're not welcome here,' Boyle says the Peet's manager said. 

She says she started yelling back at the manager because she was shocked for 'being targeted' twice.

When asked if she regrets her behavior in either incident, Boyle said she is only sorry that she engaged with the allegedly combative employees. 

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