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From cat and rabbit hybrids to the beefalos, here are the most unbelievable hybrids.

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5. Cabbit
They have appeared in some fictional works such as japanese anime but many claim to have seen a cabbit. This is the alleged offspring of a buck rabbit and cat, which has been dubbed the cabbit. You’d probably assume this type of hybrid to be impossible, but there’s plenty of video evidence to suggest they could exist. They are seen with the head of a cat but the feet and legs of a rabbit. They also tend to hop around kind of like a rabbit. This photo we see here shows a screenshot from the one of many cabbit and if you look at the back feet, you can tell this is no normal cat. Others are firm that this isn’t a hybrid at all but just a cat with hypoplasia which causes abnormalities in limbs. Considering how many strange experiments go on in laboratories especially with rabbits, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if they could make something like this. Whatever the case may truly be, it really seems like it would be a cool pet to own.

4. Monkey Pig
Although he gets the name monkey pig, some believe that pigs that end up looking like him, are actually something close to a human pig hybrid. There’s also been a lot of strange testing going on with pigs, and recently scientists basically created such a thing, but destroyed it. In one of the more recent controversial experiments in 2017, scientists announced that they created a successful human pig hybrid. Human cells were introduced into a pig and were able to survive, and even grow. The ultimate goal was to see if there was a way to harvest human organs inside pigs. However, the private company that conducted the research felt quite a bit of ethical duty to destroy the embryo. This piglet that was born with facial deformities caused it to look like a monkey. The creature had a very short snout a protruding head and a jaw similar to ours. Videos of the monkey pig began to circulate the web and he eventually became the local tourist attraction. People described it as a one of a kind animal and like something they’ve never seen before. Some blame environmental pollution, others; just a genetic defect. But possibly a science experiment gone wrong?

3. Dingoes and Domestic Dogs
In the outbacks of australia, dingos seems to hybridizing with domestic dogs which is a result of humans settling on this continent. Dingoes were there millenias ago and with the arrival of European settlers in the 18th century, the two began to mate. More wild characteristics are show from this hybrid but a wide variety of different outcomes are possible. They can often just be called wild dogs by the local australians and an estimated 2000 can be found on this continent. These wild dogs can sometimes weigh as much as 120 pounds so approaching one has to be done with caution. They’re often unpredictable and taming them can prove to difficult. Some believe that purposely mating domestic dogs with dingoes is a threat to the existence of purebred dingoes in the wilderness, which may have consequences on the ecosystem of the outback.

2. Chusky
What do you get when you mix a chow with a husky? You get this fluffy beast! But it’s really more like a fluffball of love. They get along great with kids but do require someone to brush their coats often. It’s recommended that you have experience with dogs before handling on of these guys. They have high levels of energy and needs lots of exercise to keep from being depressed. They also don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. These big dogs can weigh up to 60 pounds and actually make for great watch dogs.

1.Jellyfish Rabbit Hybrid
Don’t worry, this isn’t as horrifying as it might sound. In order to research treatments for life-threatening diseases, scientists have created actual rabbits who glow in the dark! Unbelievable but true. Researchers from Istanbul and Hawaii got together and injected rabbit embryos with Jellyfish DNA. Other experiments have made mice, cockroaches and even cats glow in the dark! Who wouldn’t want a cat or bunny that glows in the dark! According to the scientists, these experiments are expected to be extremely helpful in benefitting advances in medicine with little to no harm done to the animal.


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