How to make a fake heart - Special FX DIY Gelatin Heart 3 years ago

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How to make a squishy prop heart for costumes, parties, pranks or general weirdness. This is not anatomically correct, but it's an easy inexpensive way to get the job done.

Check back later for another tutorial on using gelatin for makeup applications.

Things you'll need:
- Gelatin (can be found at most supermarkets)
- Liquid Glycerin (can be found at most major pharmacy chains)
- Water
- SFX blood
- Paper towels
- Cup
- Popsicle stick/tongue depressor/something disposable like to stir with
- Measuring cups
- Seran wrap
- A freezer and/or a house in Antarctica

This is not the only ratio or way to mix SFX gelatin, this is just the way I have found to work best for me.
1 part gelatin, 1 part glycerin, 1.5 parts water

This whole thing should cost you less than $10, so for all you Halloweeners on a budget out there......

The song is Faith in You by SirensCeol

**And if you're wondering why the heart looks brighter in the thumbnail and picture, it's because there's a light behind it. This fancy thing is semi-transparent too.

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