Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 2 - All In 1 year ago

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The Spring Split was bittersweet for WildTurtle. On one hand, Turtle looked like a new man on Immortals, thoroughly shaking off his old team TSM and posting a top-tier performance. On the other, he and the team could not close out their stellar rookie split, falling to TSM in the Playoffs and finishing 3rd. Meanwhile, Rekkles and Chawy play out their own Spring Playoffs drama.

Legends Rising Season 2 follows some of the game's greatest pros through the hard work and sacrifice necessary to achieve greatness, in a six-part series. Do they have what it takes to become legends?

Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 1 - Spring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W62IJtPwwx8
Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 3 - Revolver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J58PfeZ3dCw

Music Credits:
“Immersion” by Keith Kenniff
“Chinatown” by Starcadian
“Body Moving Slowly” by Mirror to Mirror
“Rat Trap” by Feed Me
“Short Skirt” by Feed Me
“Song” by Kraddy
“Block Boundaries” by Ryan Teague
“Scarlett” by ATTLAS
“You Caught Me Up” by Soft Error
“Naga” by Enzo Bennet
“Atoms of Amber” by Ben Chatwin
“I Need You” by NEUS


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