20 Plank Exercise Variations - Moves For A Plank Workout 3 years ago

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20 Plank Exercise Variations - Moves For A Plank Workout

Planks are a must-do core move. And while you should always include the Basic Planks in your workouts, it can be fun to add some variety in every once in awhile.

All of these Plank Variations will continue to build your core strength and stability and help you prevent and alleviate low back and hip pain.

Most of these are not just isometric holds. Many of these Plank Variations involve movements that emphasis one area of your core, such as your shoulders, glutes, abs, obliques or quads.

The 20 Plank Exercises and Variations

1. Basic Plank ( 0:12)
2. Plank Pushup Hold ( 0:20)
3. Side Plank Oblique Twists ( 0:30)
4. Plank Scorpions (0:45)
5. Plank With Hip Dips (1:00)
6 Side Plank With Hip Dips (1:12)
7. Lower Ab Plank (1:28)
8. Side Plank with rotational reach (1:39)
9. Inchworm Plank (1:52)
10.Plank With Oblique Knee Tuck (2:09)
11. Bird Dog Plank (2:27)
12. Body Saw (2:41)
+Slider Body Saw (2:57)
13. Plank Jacks (3:15)
+Plank Step Outs (3:22)
14. Plank Climbers (3:32)
15. Plank With Knee Drive (3:45)
16. Planks With Reach Back and Out (4:00)
17.Suspension Trainer Side Plank (4:13)
18.Suspension Trainer Plank With Reach Through (4:25)
19. Posterior Plank Mountain Climbers (4:40)
20. Twisting Knee Tuck Plank (4:55)

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