Monster Trucks Battle for Green Toys Rescue Boat and Helicopter 1 year ago

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On this episode of the Axel Show, Axel and his Daddy unbox a new Green Toys Rescue Boat and Helicopter. First Axel must use his monster trucks to defeat the monster trucks guarding the buried toy! The avenger monster truck is the king of the hill, and Shark Wreak, Mega Rex, the Chrushstatians and the Extermagator are all guarding the mote!

After the toy unboxing, Axel and his daddy use the Rescue helicopter to rescue the Green Toys Ferry that they unboxed in the Construction Truck Videos For Children | Bulldozer Launches Ferry Boat video they did previously (watch it here:

This is another one of the most fun monster truck videos we have made. We are always super excited to share our monster truck videos for children with our audience, and the green toys boats made it all the more fun!

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