The Complete Story of Destiny - [Timeline & Lore Explained] 1 year ago

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The complete story of Destiny from the 21st century to the start of Destiny 2. This video goes over the full timeline of Destiny including the major events, key characters, lore, backstories & other elements of Destiny's universe that you'll need to know to be up to date for Destiny 2.
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This video was made possible thanks to you. You the viewer that has pushed me with constant encouragement over the last few years. Thank you for the unwavering support you gave me.

In addition, three more people need to be thanked for their part in making this video possible.

- Octavius, who helped to write a great deal of the script and who accompanied me in fleshing out the most logical sequence of events from the grimoire. (Best found in my discord server linked above)

- Zander, who helped to provide the cutout assets for this video that helped portray the sections of the lore that had no cutscenes. (

- DUBA plays, who provided some incredible cinematic footage of the Vault of Glass to be used in this video. (


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