I Explored A Radioactive Ghost Town In Chernobyl 2 months ago

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Eric explores an abandoned town in Chernobyl. He discovers that the town is still radioactive in a scary way.

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Flying over abandoned industrial factory buildings in very dilapidated condition.
Vadym Terelyuk/Getty Images
The abandoned half-ruined panel building in Pripyat. Ukraine, April 2017
bwb-studio/Getty Images
children's attractions in Pripyat at snow
horkins/Getty Images
Abandoned swimming pool in Pripyat
rifmi-pro/Getty Images
Aerial view of central area of the abandoned town of Pripyat
rifmi-pro/Getty Images
Abandoned the cooler reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
rifmi-pro/Getty Images
The dosimeter measures radiation in the abandoned clinic in Pripyat
rifmi-pro/Getty Images
Chernobyl Left Over - Contaminated Town / City Buildings Drone Flight
PremiumContent/Getty Images
Chernobyl - Old Dusty Gas Masks Left Behind in Abandoned Town
PremiumContent/Getty Images
Chernobyl Town After Nuclear Disaster_Classroom in Contaminated School
PremiumContent/Getty Images
Radiation hazard sign in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
Wehrwolf/Getty Images
Сamera flying in the hallway of abandoned house. POV, steadycam
drgost/Getty Images
Corridor abandoned nuclear power plant. Steadycam shot.
Waryag/Getty Images
Road sign 'Pripjat' and Radiation hazard sign in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
Wehrwolf/Getty Images


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