Faceless Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Tutorial 3 years ago

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So much of this video is out of focus and I'm sawwreeee! I'd say it's totally because one of my eyes is covered but it's out of focus well before that so I have NO EXCUSE.

This method looks best in flat even light, straight on vs overhead (see thumbnail picture), because unless you mold your face and then create a prosthetic which fills in every curve specific to your face, it won't be completely flat/smooth. So just keep that in mind! This is the more accessible/quick version- I'll be doing videos on how to create custom made prosthetics in the future!

ps. If you don't have 3rd degree, you can use scar wax instead but scar wax is the devil, lessbihonest. You can also use gelatin for the wounds but that, too, would not be quite as easy. If you want to do that I would suggest laying out your wounds on wax paper or a plate before you adhese them to your face.

A special thank you to my friend Darnell for collaborating with me to do a Bride of Frankenstein look! Check him out and his many beautiful custom wig creations -- www.instagram.com/hairhegoes

Products used:
3rd Degree / Silicone
Gelatin (Tutorial on how to make your own gelatin is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXQJ3CiGetU)
Skin Illustrator Zombie Palette
True Match Foundation
Ben Nye Scab Blood

Song is Dusk by Tobu & Syndec, released under NCS

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