Pretty Little Liars Final Season Teases Original Song, Time Jump & Returning Faces 1 year ago

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The cast & crew of Pretty Little Liars just dropped a major bombshell about the upcoming final season
And let’s just say this news is definitely something to sing about
The Television Critics Association press tour is in full swing, so that means we’re getting a ton of new details about the upcoming final season of Pretty Little Liars.
Three of our favorite liars, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, and Sasha Pieterse were joined onstage by the show’s executive producers including PLL Queen, I. Marlene King, and head honcho, Joseph Dougherty, along with Oliver Goldstick and Charlie Craig, and altogether, the group dropped a major bomb about an upcoming episode of the final season that will premiere this Spring.
Oliver Goldstick revealed that we can look forward to a PLL original song before the show is over. He told the audience QUOTE “All of them have incredible hidden talents and singing happens to be one of them. And I thought it was a shame that we didn’t utilize that, and we found a way to platform it in one of the episodes in the last 10.”
I’m predicting a major hit. Shay Mitchell also gave the audience, and the rest of the PLL fandom, let’s be real, an overwhelming sense of relief when she said QUOTE “I’m so excited for the end, because they’ll all get their anwsers.” All, referring to us hungry fans who find ourselves begging for clues every Tuesday night. And while we can all look forward to finally solving the mystery of Rosewood together, Marlene King revealed that we can also look forward to seeing all of favorite supporting characters one last time. Saying QUOTE “I think we ended up getting every single person,” before Oliver added in QUOTE “unless they’re dead.” Which, to be honest, doesn’t really mean much in Rosewood. Unless you see a dead body, chances are they’re not really dead, and of course let’s not forget that we technically say Mona in the back of a trunk before we found out that she was just “frozen” soooo…. Yeah.
Marlene also reveals that there will be a time jump before the series ends, and we might actually find out how the heck our favorite PLL moms got out of that basement. Something else we also might know moving forward is what exactly the main plotline of the season will be. The official PLL Twitter quoted Marlene from the TCA’s saying “This last season is about a board game created by A.” YIKES. We know A likes his/her games, so that’s definitely going to be scary.
Now, even though is so much to look forward to, I can’t help but feel the heartache that comes with saying goodbye to a show I fell in love with nearly 7 years ago, and if you’re like me, there might be something that gives you enough strength to keep on going. Marlene told the audience QUOTE “There are so many ways to revisit characters and world. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to this group of people but I kept saying, ‘We’ll find a way to bring these characters and this world back at some point in time.’ I don’t think it’ll be in two years, but at some point in time.”
Yes, please! And the sooner, the better. Now that’s a lot of PLL scoop to digest, but I gotta know what has you most excited that cast and crew revealed from the TCA’s. Musical Number, hello? Share all your thoughts down below and then click right here to keep the PLL craze going with 10 times PLL Blew Our Minds. Thanks for checking in, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys soon!

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