Suzie Does Nails Magazine Cover - Step by Step Tutorial 10 months ago

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Suzie has the privilege of designing the nails featured on the cover of Nails Magazine May 2017 issue. Suzie recreates the design on fellow nail technician Natalie, and shares the techniques to creating these stunning nails, and also discusses ways to avoid common mistakes.

Nails Magazine has a Behind the Scenes video of Suzie creating the design in the Nails Magazine Studio. Check it out:

Here's a link to the digital Nails Magazine May 2017 Issue:

Suzie would like to thank everyone at Nails Magazine for helping make her visit so much fun!
Thank-you Erica, Danielle, Kim, Beth, Veronika, Michelle, Cyndy, photographer Vu, model Ciara, and everyone else involved.


Products featured in this video:
The Monomer - Cotton Candy Scented
Exclusive Nail Couture

Eternal Beige Acrylic Powder
Exclusive Nail Couture

Crystal Clear Acrylic Powder
Exclusive Nail Couture

ShineE Gel No Wipe Soak Off Top Gel

Beads, Flowers and Acrylic Pigments were all from Suzie’s private collection that she has collected over many years.

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