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This is the beauty and fx MAKEUP TUTORIAL portion of my glam and gore take on the Disney Princess, Cinderella! Links to the other parts are here:


Thanks to my fx frenz GoldieStarling, Freakmo, and Powdah for letting me pick their brains for ways to make this stabby eyeball look safe and functional!

Other helpful tutorials pertaining to this look :
• How to do bruises -
• Using cotton & latex -
• Using air drying clay to make teeth (or eyeballs) -


Products mentioned:
Any white/light eyeshadow, and neutral shadow a few shades darker than your skin tone. The shadows I was using were from sugarpill and makeupgeek
Sugarpill- Lumi pigment
Any semi-neutral pink lipsick and/or lipgloss *not sure what I used here, sorry!*
Highlight was Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in gleam "crushed pearl"
Liquid Latex
Cotton Balls
Pros-Aide Adhesive
Ben Nye's Scab Blood
Skin Illustrator Zombie Palette (alcohol activated paints)
Ground coffee
Hot glue (hope this goes without saying, but the use of hot glue needs to be 100% off of the face and onto a different work surface only)
"glass" slipper was a plastic cake topper I found off etsy I BELIEVE from the seller 'MyUniqueParty' -"Cinderella Glass Slipper 6” One (1) Large Acrylic Slipper / Cake Topper / Party Favors"
Eyeball was found on amazon - I purchased the 26mm
If you want to make your own eyeball you can use air dry modeling clay like this-


If you're wondering why the trailer and bloopers aren't with the tutorial like usual it's because I'm tryin out a new thing! I have been looking for ways to both improve my work/life balance, as well as listen to you zombaes to give you what you want and I think splitting up the really big tutorials may be the solution. In this case, I'm uploading the intro as soon as it's ready, and will upload the tutorial a few days later, and the bloopers a few more days later, rather than you having to wait a week and a half or more (how long they've been taking me on my own lately) for the whole thing. I know some of you like other parts more than others so this will also be an easy way for people to find their favorite parts quickly! I really like the idea of it because on my end of things it means I can put extra instruction in the tutorial, create more elaborate intros if I want, or leave in more bloopers if they're all broken down into smaller videos anyway. I often cut out a lot when I'm trying to condense all three parts together because I don't want to whole thing to run over 20 minutes. This fixes that and leaves me a bit more creative and educational freedom! So anyway, we're just trying this out for now - if people generally seem to like it and it also helps my work flow, we'll do it again for the multi-part videos that include an intro like this. Otherwise it'll all be what you're use to! Thanks for understanding that my channel will need to evolve with time - I make every decision in regards to my content with the best intentions in mind!


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