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Here you are 3 reasons for why you should not buy TODAY (2017/05/20) the Samsung Gear 360 (2017).

1. Image brightness flickering: Auto Aperture problem Auto Exposure problem? Solution: Manual Aperture or Exposure setting needed in App.
Note: Fixed aperture on a lens does not mean that you cannot change manually that said aperture. Most lenses with fix aperture still give you the chance to change that said Aperture. The same is true for your smartphone, some software trick can emulate Aperture change.

2. Lights and Neons are flickering: Auto Shutter Problem. Solution: Manual Shutter speed setting needed in App.

3. Jumping Focus. Let's be clear here. The term "focus" may not be appropriate since Samsung may have actually locked both cameras to "infinity", so we are not talking about AF (Auto Focus) here, but how the camera stitch videos together. Samsung opted for an adaptive stitching where the camera chooses for you between stitching mode, or if I may, the camera will focus its attention on different stitching methods (Near & Far).

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan.

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