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Please read: Some insist that they hear an "ea" sound at the end of each letter but it's an exhale, Swedish people don't hear it, it's natural for us; we are breathing. Every Swede knows that the sound follows when saying the alphabet but again; it's an exhale. It's not part of the letters. No need to comment about it. I already have hundreds of those comments. :)

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And now, lovely ones, it's time to get to know the Swedish alphabet. The letters are ready to introduce themselves. I repeat each letter four times for you. I had fun repeating myself. It felt like a new language suddenly after repeating the letters SO much. Have you noticed when repeating a word/letter over & over again, it suddenly sounds weird & you can make out so much. It's like when looking up the sky for too long, you feel clouds are making figures. Interesting - And you know what else is interesting? The alphabet! :) Let's do this, hit play... Letters, get ready!


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