Kids Try 100 Years of Cheese | Bon Appétit 3 months ago

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In this episode of Kids Try 100 Years of Food series, the kids try 100 years of cheese. This history of cheese tracks the evolution of the versatile dairy product. Velveeta cheese fudge and peanut butter pickle sandwich dominated the 1920s. The 1930s brought the cream cheese and chopped olive sandwich. Wartime cheese pudding premiered in the '40s. Easy cheese spray (aka cheez whiz) arrived in the '50s. The horseradish cheese ball rolled into the '60s. Fondue debuted in the '70s. Quiche lorraine conquered the '80s. Hot Pockets heated up the '90s. Recently, Raclette cheese and vegan cheese trended.

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Kids Try 100 Years of Cheese | Bon Appétit


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