Dumbest Movie Premise of All Time? - MOVIE FIGHTS - Last Fighter Standing! 11 months ago

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0:06:34 ROUND 1 - What Movie - played on loop - would you use to torture someone for information?
0:21:09 ROUND 2 - What Major Hollywood release has the all-time dumbest premise
0:35:02 ROUND 3 - Recast a John Travolta movie with Nicolas Cage
0:49:50 ROUND 4 - If you had to build a religion around the philosophy of any movie character, which one would you pick?
1:02:22 ROUND 5 - Improve a movie by swapping out a main character for a talking dog
1:14:01 ROUND 6 - What movie family would you want to be a part of?

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Andy Signore, Max Dionne, and Dan Murrell


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