Homemade Waste Oil Burner Drip feed Free Heat 2 months ago

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This homemade waste oil burner and oil drip feed really makes an Awesome amount of heat for as little as 2 litres of waste oil per hour.
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I made this video to show in some detail how I control the oil into the burn chamber of this waste oil burner / heater.
It is quite economical for the amount of heat it is capable of generating and smoke free.
The oil delivery is a simple drip feed with a 1/2 inch gate valve which I detail in the video.
This simple little waste oil stove is fed from a bucket of oil and requires no power. It could be miniaturized but it has a dual use shed heater and cooking.
This drip feed system combined with the burner in this video makes lots of heat and could be used to heat water for free which I will show in some of my upcoming videos.
I used this burner design and drip feed oil system in one of my tin can burners.

🔴Waste Oil Burner playlist https://goo.gl/wUaiVC

✅Links to Parts used in my powered siphon build.

Siphon Nozzle 30609-8 0.75 usg ..........http://amzn.to/2zCzqqd
Siphon nozzle adapter 17147................http://amzn.to/2yZmtYx
For Reference
Riello Rdb Burner .................................. http://amzn.to/2yBl5qR

🔴Awesome Output Burner https://youtu.be/kfdWPxYC-Gk
🔴Drip feed Simple Tin Can Burner https://youtu.be/WyredKT2VdE
🔴Demo of my latest design 2 litres per hour burner

Paramotor Trike Complete build playlist https://goo.gl/rAaVVV
🔴 Just Paragliding https://youtu.be/-0U5sXCLkU8
Cheers Gerry

Bit Of Craic ... by Trance Jedi https://youtu.be/GgmyQv8excY

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