10 Differences Between Disney And Pixar Movies You Never Noticed 1 year ago

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10 Differences Between Disney And Pixar Movies You Never Noticed! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

What's different about the Disney's Princesses and the women of Pixar? 10 Differences Between Disney And Pixar Movies You Never Noticed! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

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Disney and Pixar are both cornerstones in the world of animation, putting out some of the best and most iconic films in the animated medium. Having worked together since the 1990’s, it makes sense that the animation powerhouses would share more than a few similarities, but since Disney acquired Pixar in 2006 it’s gotten harder to tell the difference between the two. It used to be the case that you could tell Disney and Pixar apart just by looking, but this isn’t always the case now. As it stands though, there are still a few ways to tell the two apart, and that’s what we’re taking a look at today.

When Disney solely used hand-drawn animation, there was no problem. But Disney now favour digital, and the style isn’t so different from Pixar that it can always be told apart at first glance. Disney have broke tradition to produce films like Zootopia, and Pixar went into it to produce Brave. In both cases, it’s been common for people to think they were done by the opposite animation house.

We take a look at how Disney are known for their catchy karaoke worthy musical numbers. And how the art in both shares some similarities, but how both production companies have their own unique twists on their styles.

Pixar also has a better grounding in reality than Disney, which shows through in their worlds, their creation of character, and their story telling, whilst Disney favours fairy tales and old stories.

The differences can be broken down into once upon a time, or what if?

Script by: Alisha Ward

Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Martin B. @HandCraftedCine

"Once Upon A Time" Or "Wouldn't It Be Cool If?" | 0:55
The Art Is Different | 2:00
Pixar Builds Bigger Worlds | 3:10
Pixar Is More Grounded In Reality | 4:18
Disney Uses Villains | 6:34
Robert De Niro is BIG | 4:43
Pixar's Characters Are More Relatable | 7:46
Disney Doesn't Really Make Sequels Anymore | 9:01
Leave The Singing To Disney | 10:10
Comedy | 11:16

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