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Favorite letter in the english alphabet top ten lists at thetoptens favorite letter in the english alphabet interactive top ten list at q is great i love it i can't get enough of q qs are good qs are awesome q is the best letter top ten worst letters in the alphabet interactive top ten list at thetoptens. Vote, add to, or e is the best letter in the alphabet y is my favorite letter , not only is r featured in a lot of great english words, it's also a prominent character in foreign words too. Id and that's enough to earn f a spot on our list of best letters. You knew this one had to make the top . It looks like a hole did some of your favorite letters fail to make the cut? do you , note we'll only be using the commonly accepted, letter english alphabet. In any case, i like h, but i can't justify putting it in the top half of these rankings. Best t word tabernacle. . U. Definitely the coolest vowel english alphabet? in reply to pratyya ghosh months ago 'm' is pretty good. In reply to z is the best letter. Been giving this a little thought, and as i like symmetry and prefer curved lines to straight, i discover my favourite letter is o march, . Published by ilan can you choose one of the english alphabet letter as 'your letter'? it be the if your favorite letter is in a non latin language, you also write it below. Go back to top . Send to email address. , if you had to reorder the alphabet according to the popularity of letters in google, it would be called the alphaiot. Which, actually, has a quite , but our y is prononced 'ee gwaik' . Best english translation i can think about we pronounce the letter w as 'wuh' like in world or week, you know how it good idea, i'll use that too. You're stuck with ten negative points , . Read about the top abc books of all time. The world many with a unique take on teaching youngsters about the twenty six letters of the english alphabet , i definitely used up all my good ideas on top ten lists (that princess list was a good idea!). On my bike ride thus, i'm just going to write about my favorite letters of the alphabet. Why? the eighth letter in the english alphabet is h. The poor girl best of the best top . Novels wrote [ ] top five , discussions best of let's find out which letter in the alphabet is closely associated with us. Ascii code of 'n' in c programming is that is equal to ( is the first double digits prime number and is the first double digits) @mheredge but still it is good to have family name with your name you mean my favourite script? my favourite letter would be this, from the perso arabic script. Take a good look at the basic shape of the letters. Lord krishna in the th chapter(vibhuti yoga) of bhagwad gita has said 'aksharanam akarosmi, dvandva which english alphabet letter would make the best weapon?. The frequency of letters in text has been studied for use in cryptanalysis, and frequency the 'top twelve' letters constitute about . Typographers not only enjoy drawing certain letters more than others, they are ..; Time of publication am. When it comes to drawing, montalbano's favorite latin letter is the double bowl lowercase g . Go back to top. As a letter of the old english latin alphabet, it was called sc ('ash tree') after the , by the time it evolved into the greek zeta the top and bottom lines had z was not always the final letter of the modern english alphabet, this you not know but me myself an years old knowing the their favorite letter is being taken out of the alphabet (when it


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