Red Crab Invasion! 2 years ago

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Have you ever seen a beach swarmed by thousands of tiny Red Crabs?!

Well neither had Coyote and the crew until they ventured down to the La Jolla beachfront of San Diego, California to film their new series Beyond the Tide. These Pelagic Red Crabs, also known as “Tuna Crabs”, were absolutely EVERYWHERE and what's even crazier is sometimes they have been known wash up on Southern California’s beaches by the millions…yes that’s right we said MILLIONS. Now this phenomena doesn’t occur very often but when it does it truly is a sight to behold.

The Pelagic Red Crab is actually a species of Squat Lobster that lives most of its life suspended in the pelagic region of the ocean far out at sea. It is actually believed that the El Nino weather pattern is responsible for these massive beach swarms and once again proves just how truly mysterious the ocean can be!

Get ready folks, this is a major Red Crab invasion!

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