Crooked Hillary Att**ks Trump, Gets Humiliated When People Notice One Embarrassing Detail 5 days ago

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Upon seeing that the mainstream media has been attacking President Donald Trump for allegedly referring to certain countries as “shitholes” during an immigration meeting, Hillary Clinton thought it was a good time to re-emerge from her cave to attack her rival. Crooked Hillary quickly took advantage of the opportunity to bash the man who dished out her embarrassing election loss, but her cocky attitude quickly turned to humiliation yet again as soon as people noticed one sad detail about her attempted assault on Trump.During an immigration meeting on Thursday, President Donald Trump reportedly asked a group of pro-amnesty senators why the United States should welcome immigrants from “shitholes” like Haiti. Of course, this report is unconfirmed and the information varies based on who you ask, with even Jake Tapper, a reporter at liberal-leaning CNN, arguing against the claims.


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