Top 10 Foods You've Been Eating Wrong This Whole Time 1 year ago

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You might think you’ve mastered the art of eating and peeling foods, but is that really true? In honor of the pursuit of knowledge, here are ten things you've been doing wrong at dinner, specifically, foods you’ve been peeling and eating wrong this whole time and didn’t even know it.
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Be Amazed at these top 10 things you've been doing wrong! Corn on the Cob - Corn on the cob is a summertime favorite. Some might even go so far as to argue that no barbecue is complete without this sweet, salty staple. Whatever your level of love for the golden kernel, it’s hard to deny that corn on the cob can be difficult to consume. Garlic - You might think crushing a clove of garlic under the flat edge of a knife is the fastest way to get rid of those pesky, papery layers of skin, but what if you could peel an entire head of garlic in a mere ten seconds? Mangoes - For anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of eating a mango there is no denying that it’s a tricky undertaking. Oranges - Oranges are a delicious, juicy fruit that also happens to be packed full of immune system boosting vitamin C. With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that approximately 25 million oranges are cultivated each year in the US alone. Tic Tacs - As the popular slogan suggests, tic tacs are more than just a mint. These palpable bursts of joy come in a variety of colors and flavors from grapefruit to spearmint. Potatoes - Do you love potato salad, but hate spending a ton of time peeling and chopping? Maybe you’ve got guests on the way and you still haven’t finished the mashed potatoes? Cupcakes - Who doesn’t like cupcakes? There are few greater small pleasures in life than biting that first mouthful of frosting off the top.

Chicken Wings - Chicken wings are a fan favorite of meat eaters and sports enthusiasts across the board. In the US alone there were an estimated 1.33 million chicken wings consumed during Superbowl Sunday 2017. Apples - They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but as it turns out you might be wasting up to 30% of each apple you eat. Peaches - There are many ways to eat a peach. You can bake it into a pie, eat it with ice cream and caramel syrup, or even take a bite out of one whole.


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